Half Cups, Whole Cups & Everything in Between

It’s rare for a woman to be a true, full cup size. Most of us are somewhere in between (ex. 33B ½).

While some companies have tried to solve this problem by adding half cup sizes into their offerings, Upbra eliminates the need for half cups with its adjustability. For women who are in between sizes, Upbra’s flexibility and adjustability allows you to still get a great fit and amazing cleavage. Here’s how:

• If you normally find yourself in between 2 band sizes (for example 34B and 36B), we suggest going with the smaller band and also going 1 cup size up- in the example above, this would mean choosing a 34C. It’s important for the band of the bra to fit snug around your body in order for the Upbra to work its best.

• If you normally find yourself between 2 cup sizes (for example 36A and 36B), we suggest going with the smaller of the two. The Upbra bra needs to fit snug in order for the bra to work properly and fit comfortably.

•If you have asymmetrical breasts (one breast larger than the other), we suggest going with the bra size that accommodates the larger breast. If there is any gapping/spacing within the cups for the smaller breast, you can adjust the bra using the cleavage control strap on the smaller breast's side further to close up any gaps or spacing.


Nearly every woman has one breast that is larger than the other. The difference is usually less than half of a cup size, however some women have a noticeable size difference of a full cup size or more. Upbra® bras provide a solution for asymmetry through the use of the patented cleavage control straps, which allow the left and right breasts to each be adjusted independently to the desired cleavage level.

Upbra’s unique, patented ActiveLift® Technology system allows women with asymmetrical breasts to achieve beautiful, even cleavage without the use of pads or inserts.


For women with asymmetrical breasts, selecting their bra size can often mean choosing between the lesser of two evils- if selecting the size of their smaller breast the larger will overflow, and if they select the size of their larger breast the smaller side will have gaps. Upbra makes sizing simple- order the Upbra in the size of your larger breast, and simply adjust the cleavage-control strap on your smaller side until you achieve the symmetry you desire.

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